The Vision:

The MainStreetChamber is a membership-based organization that specializes in empowering, educating, and connecting consumers, businesses and entrepreneurs. The MSC Membership is built on 3 pillars; Save Money, Make Money, Get Involved:

Save Money:

  • Membership benefits and saving on everyday purchases
  • Multi-tiered membership plans designed to meet the needs and scope of your business.
  • Exclusive member discounts and bonuses on member to member services and referrals. Reduce your bottom line and increase revenue.
  • Access to exclusive member financing, merchant services, insurance, logistics, employee referrals, whole goods and products via our member portal.
  • Unlimited and secure access to our online member portal.

Make Money:

  • Increase awareness, bottom line sales, customer acquisition, delivery & logistics solutions.
  • Increase visibility, increase sales.
  • Connecting members and promoting business on our secure member portal.

Get Involved:

  • Become a part of our growing community of consumers, businesses, entrepreneurs and licensed professionals.
  • Network and expand your business via our exclusive member networking events and social gatherings.
  • Get to know the members and leaders of your chapter, trade associations, and Lobbyist groups
  • Lead your own Chapter and pave the future.
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